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Shamrock was built by Nathaniel Shepherd, Boat and Yacht Builder at Bowness-on-Windermere in 1906.

Originally was fitted with a Sissons triple expansion steam engine, she was owned by W.M. Birtwistle. In1929 she was acquired by Mr Birtwistle’s boatman Charles Ashley, who ran the boat between 1930 and the when it was taken over by his son William (Billy) Ashley, until he and other local boat owners formed the Bowness Bay Boating Company and Shamrock became part of that fleet.

In 1948 Billy Ashley removed the engine and boiler, converting her to a motorboat for the purpose of using her for boat trips on the lake. By 1974 she was laid up and her future was uncertain and by 1976 her condition had deteriorated badly. However, inNovember of that year Roger Mallinson acquired Shamrock and between 1976 and 1979, instituted a major restoration and conservation programme before installing a new steam engine (Number 5) and adapting a suitable boiler.

From this point onwards Shamrock became an instantly recognizable and much-loved feature of Lake Windermere and took part in its many celebrations, musical evenings, rallies and parades.

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