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A pre-purchase survey is an essential step on the way to buying your boat.  Unforeseen costs can quickly drive up the price of your investment, and undetected safety issues can put you and your passengers at risk.  A pre-purchase survey will help you discover any issues which need to be addressed and help you determine the time and costs involved in making your vessel safe and seaworthy. 

This type of survey will usually include all the aspects of a full condition survey, with a focus on build quality, defects, wear and tear, and remedial work and costs to rectify. 

List of areas inspected (not all items will apply to all vessels)

  • Hull underwater

  • Steering

  • Rudder

  • Keel

  • Skin fittings

  • Stern gear

  • Machinery

  • Fuel

  • Hull internal

  • Bilge

  • Safety equipment

The potential purchaser is welcome to attend the survey, and Adrian is happy to offer guidance and advice regarding any issues that come to light. 

The survey report for the vessel will be sent by email (hard copy on request,) and will include findings, photos, and a list of recommendations where required.

Please note: at least part of this survey will require the vessel to be out of the water.

In the case of fin keeled yachts, the surveyor also requires that the boat be held so that there is free access to the fin (not resting upon it,) to allow for keel movement testing.

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