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A full condition survey is a detailed report of the current state of all major aspects of a vessel, its systems, and equipment.  This may be sought for pre-purchase purposes, to obtain insurance, or may be required for another purpose.  Whatever the reason, the full condition survey will highlight areas and defects which require attention, both immediately and in the long term. 

This type of survey will include a detailed summary of all the vessel’s major areas and systems, including:

  • Build quality

  • Defects

  • Remedial work required

  • Wear and tear

  • Moisture readings

  • Sea trial

  • Oil testing on request

The owner is welcome to attend the survey, and Adrian can offer honest, straightforward advice regarding the findings.  Adrian can also help find contractors and get estimates for any work required, and can offer guidance to those who wish to carry out some of the work themselves.

Please note: at least part of this survey will require the vessel to be out of the water.In the case of fin keeled yachts, the surveyor also requires that the boat be held so that there is free access to the fin (not resting upon it,) to allow for keel movement testing.

List of areas inspected (not all items will apply to all vessels)

  • Hull underwater

  • Steering

  • Rudder

  • Keel

  • Skin fittings

  • Stern gear

  • Machinery

  • Fuel

  • Hull internal

  • Bilge

  • Safety equipment

  • Electrical installation 

  • Gas installation

  • Fresh water system

  • Hatches and doors

  • Windows and portlights

  • Topsides

  • Deck fittings

  • Deck, coachroof and cockpit 

  • Mast, boom and rig

  • Sails

  • Anchoring and mooring

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